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Report: Eagles Made An Offer To Randy Moss, Or Did They?

[Note by JasonB, 08/03/11 2:35 PM EDT ] Inquirer reporter Jeff McLane denies this report, "The never called Randy Moss' agent about signing the WR, an NFL source said."

Patriots beat reporter for the Boston Herald, Karen Guregian is reporting that the Eagles made an offer to free agent WR Randy Moss shortly after he filed his retirement papers with the NFL.

The fact that Moss retired isn’t terribly important as he is free to “unretire” whenever he wants by simply sending a letter to the NFL saying so. The only real question here is whether Moss wants to play this year and if so, would he want to play for the Eagles for one last shot at a ring?

The Eagles are probably one of the few teams where Moss could be happy and contented playing for. If his recent career has taught us anything, in a stable organization with a good QB that’s winning, Moss can flourish. If things aren’t going well however… he’s really not a guy you’d like to have around.

So I suppose the Moss watch begins. He spoke of his admiration for Andy Reid and the team back when Andy tried to sign him away from the Patriots, so it would make sense that if Randy wanted to play at all this year, the Eagles would be one of the teams that would interest him.

Of course, this is all assuming the report is actually true.