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MIke Patterson Back At Camp, Will See Neurologist Tomorrow

Mike Patterson’s agent, JR Rickert called in to ESPN’s SportsCenter today to update the condition of Mike Patterson and had some good news to share. He says that after the initial diagnosis of AVM, they sought out two other medical opinions and neither could conclusively confirm that diagnosis. They did not rule it out as a possibility, but they can’t conclude that AVM is what he has.

Patterson will now go see a neurologist about the seizure he had and based on what he finds, that neurologist has the ability to clear Mike to return to team activities.

“All three medical opinions have said that the condition he has, whatever it may be, is treatable.” Rickert said this afternoon, “Again, we have to sit down and come to a conclusion as to what that is and how to treat it. The neurologist is the key part of this and that’s why he’s going to that appointment tomorrow. Once the neurologist evaluates the cause of the seizure and the proper treatment and the neurologist sign off that it’s not something that will prevent him from playing football, that’s when we’ll get back to work.”

Obviously it would be fantastic news to see Patterson back on the field so quickly, but it would be even better to learn that his condition is not something that is career threatening or life-altering.