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DeAndre Brown: Solution to Eagles’ Lack Of A Red Zone Threat?

Undrafted wide receiver DeAndre Brown could be the difference for the Eagles in the red zone this season.

UPDATE: The Eagles released DeAndre Brown this afternoon. Which Eagles player should I write about next?

One of the biggest weaknesses for the Eagles last season was red zone production, which is the reason why there was so much hype surrounding the Plaxico Burress/Randy Moss-to-Philly rumors. The Eagles need some sort of big man to toss the ball up to in the end zone.

Well, Plaxico is now a New York Jet and Moss seems to be staying retired. That leaves the Eagles with a problem unsolved. With all of the high-profile defensive acquisitions, the red zone issue seems to have been swept under the rug.

One player who could potentially make a difference for the Eagles in the red zone (but he may not make the final roster) is wide receiver DeAndre Brown from Southern Miss. ESPN has Brown listed at a cool six-foot-six, 239 pounds. That's big time red zone potential right there. It would be brilliant if the Eagles could find a way to work in this under-the-radar player.

Burress is six-foot-five, 232 pounds while Randy Moss is six-foot-four, 210 pounds. With DeAndre Brown being bigger than both of these receivers, you have to think the Eagles would have some big plans to use him.

Brown was the #3 wide receiver in the nation and a five-star recruit when he made the jump to college at Southern Miss. He has a history with injuries and bad work ethic, though, which scared a lot of teams away from drafting him.

Check out this video of Brown's college highlights: