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Chris Pronger Back On The Ice

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Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger was finally back on the ice skating after four months following surgery to relieve pressure on a nerve in his back. The teams’ likely captain was on the ice for 25 minutes and even took slap shots. He reported afterward that his surgically repaired hand, which kept him out late last year, felt fully healed.


“We’ll see how I feel tomorrow,” Pronger told reporters after Friday’s skate. “Having not skated and done anything on the ice in 4 1/2 months, you have to take it slowly and see how you feel day to day. I felt pretty good out there, but usually the first time on the ice is when you feel good — and then it’s day two, three, four and five where you’re a little suspect, so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.”


The Flyers begin their full training camp next Friday, but Pronger says he’s probably still a few weeks away from practicing with the team.