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MLB Playoff Schedule: Yankees Get Top Billing

The MLB playoffs get underway tonight on TBS, who has the rights to all the division series and will show all the games save one, which will be on TNT. The playoffs begin today at 5pm with the Rays taking on the Rangers. That game will be called by Don Orsillo and Buck Martinez. The series continues tomorrow at 7pm and will be shown on TNT.


As always, the Yankees will get the prime time slot at 8:30 tonight as they host the Tigers. TBS will send its top top team of Brian Anderson, John Smoltz and Ron Darling to call that one. The Yanks again get top billing tomorrow as they play at 8:30 again on Sunday, following the end of the Phillies game.


The Phillies-Cardinals series begins tomorrow night at 5pm and continues Sunday at 8pm. Arizona-Milwaukee, a series that doesn't feature a really big market like the others, starts tomorrow in the unfortunate 2pm time slot and goes up against the late NFL games at 4;30p on Sunday.


All these times are eastern.