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Kyle Shanahan Has Some Choice Words For Juan Castillo

Redskins offensive coordinator (and coaches’ son) Kyle Shanahan took exception to Eagles’ defensive coordinator Juan Castillo’s assertion that if the Giants had just lost last week the Eagles would be in the playoff this year. He used that quote to try and pump up his team.

“Hey, about an hour ago, all right, their [defensive] coordinator [Juan Castillo] told us, told [offensive line coach Chris] Foerster, that [if] the Giants would have lost last week, they were in the playoffs,” Kyle Shanahan said. “He didn’t mention that they had to beat us today. F–k him, f–k these guys. In 2012 the Redskins are gonna be the NFC East champions, and that starts right f–king today.”

The Eagles would go on to win 34-10… but hey, according Kyle next year look out for the Redskins!


Here’s the video from CSN Washington if you’re interested.