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Philadelphia Flyers Highlighted As Addresses NHL Concussion Problems

Philadelphia Flyer fans are well aware of the NHL's concussion problems, as so far this season a handful of Philly players have been sidelined with head-related injuries -- the most recent coming to forward Danny Briere and James van Riemsdyk. Well, Monday's Stu Hackel wrote a lengthy commentary addressing the NHL's issues and how Hall of Fame goaltender Ken Dryden is trying to make the sport safer.

"(Flyers) Center Danny Briere was concussed in Saturday’s game against the Devils," write Hackel. "He’s the sixth Flyer to suffer that injury this season. Teammate James van Riemsdyk is still sidelined; Chris Pronger is out for the rest of the season, maybe longer, and his wife Lauren went public with their struggles (video)."

Though, some NHL fans may think that this issue is just something that happens in a violent sport, Hackel and Dyrden thinks it much more than that.

"When 28 players were concussed in December, we titled our post on the subject "An Awful Month for NHL Concussions." The way Hockey Hall of Famer Ken Dryden sees it, however, it would be a mistake to believe that this epidemic of head injuries is a temporary condition, and that the game will get past it the way one gets over a cold. We’re better off thinking that this painful situation is the way things in the NHL will continue to be..."

"...As Dryden sees it, what the leagues have done thus far is not aggressive enough. He does not buy the view that being tougher on head contact will somehow alter the character of the game, because hockey has always altered its character, and mostly for the better."

Read the rest of the article here. is also asking fans to join in on the commentary about NHL head injuries, so if you're a Philly fan who has an opinion on the issue click on the link and join the discussion.

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