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Wing Bowl 2012 Classes Things Up With Jenna Jameson

The Wing Bowl, if you've for some reason never heard of it before, is WIP's yearly pre-Superbowl celebration of wing eating and strippers held at the Wells Fargo Center. Half naked girls escort fat, sloppy wing eaters to a giant table and they just all have at thousands of wings until time is called and a winner is announced. It's simultaneously everything that is right and wrong with our sports scene...


This year, the "celeb" quotient will be ramped up with the presence of former porn star Jenna Jameson. She'll be joining fellow porn star Marey Carey at the event. Jameson's appearance is essentially an advertisement for an appearance she'll be doing at the World Famous Gold Club ("world famous" is the name, not a description) afterward.


The Wing Bowl will be held this year on Friday, February 3rd. Check out the official Wing Bowl page for more info.