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Sixers Revamp Dance Team, Dunk Squad

While the new Sixers owners haven’t really made any changes to the teams’ roster or the organization as a whole, they certainly have been focused on improving the fan experience at the games. They hired a premier Broadway lighting company to produce pregame introductions, employed a top notch video company to produce player intros. hired a new anthem singer and in-arena voice guy…


Plus of course they lowered prices. So clearly they’re focused on making it a great experience to go to a Sixers game.


The next step is to revamp their dance team and dunk squad.


“We hope Philadelphia enjoys the Sixers Dream Team and Sixers Flight Squad,” said Adam Aron, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner. “With new choreography, new music, new lighting, new costumes and a dramatic increase in the size of the performing troupe, we’re confident the Sixers Dream Team will provide an energetic enhancement to the fan experience at Philadelphia 76ers home games. Similarly, more than doubling the size of our dunk team, now known as the Sixers Flight Squad, is sure to thrill our fans with their extraordinary acrobatic talent.”