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NHL Lockout: NHL Expected to Begin Cancelling Regular Season Games This Week

According to multiple reports, the NHL could begin cancelling regular season games this week.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The NHL could begin canceling regular season games this Wednesday, according to a report by Howard Berger. This comes as no surprise as the NHL and its Player's Association have yet to find common ground while attempting to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement.

Citing a league source, Berger states that the NHL will begin canceling games in two-week intervals. As of now, it is unclear if those games would ever be made up when (or, potentially, if) the season begins, which was set to open on Oct. 11 with games scheduled in Calgary, Colorado, Montreal and Philadelphia.

As noted in Berger's piece, even if the two sides were to come to an agreement in the coming days, the games would still likely have to be cancelled because of the logistics of assembling all the players from their respective homes all over the globe.

The NHL and NHLPA spent this past weekend negotiating in New York with little progress being made.

This story originally appeared at SB Nation.