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Andrew Bynum says knee is improving

The improvement to Andrew Bynum's knee has been visible during the early parts of 76ers training camp.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

As he prepares for his first season in a Philadelphia 76ers uniform, center Andrew Bynum has been dealing with a knee injury. But, in his first appearance before media in more than a week on Monday, Bynum was optimistic about the progress he's making.

"I feel pretty good, I'm definitely getting better," Bynum told the Philadelphia Daily News. "It's really up to the trainers and the doctors right now, but I think if all the beans were on the table right now I'd be out there. It definitely feels better. A lot of it has to do with my pain threshold."

Just more than a week into the 76ers' training camp, Bynum and 76ers coach Doug Collins have been working around the injury that has hampered Bynum in the past. Like Bynum, Collins was positive about the improvement the center had been showing lately.

"He's out on the floor and he's spinning and doing some stuff, doing some of the things he couldn't do before," Colins told the paper. "Plus, I see it in his personality, he's happier."