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Nnamdi Asomugha says Eagles' loss is 'very difficult' to take

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Philly cornerback explained how frustrated the team was after Sunday's loss to the Detroit Lions.

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha stated that the team's loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday was difficult for the team to handle.

Leading by 10 points with a little over five minutes left in the contest, the Eagles allowed the Lions to overcome the deficit and ultimately win the game in overtime thanks to a 45-yard field goal by Jason Hanson. Philadelphia now sits at 3-3 heading into a bye week, which is something Asomugha thinks will hang over the players heads the entire time, via

"It's very difficult, especially with a bye week. You're not treating the bye week the same as you would have treated it had we come away with the victory. That's why you just see a lot of heads hanging in here, because we know it's a different bye week now. Three-and-three is behind the eight-ball. We've got to now pick it up."

In addition, Asomugha also expressed displeasure with the Eagles' defensive scheme later in the game. The cornerback was largely matched up against superstar wide receiver Calvin Johnson and managed to keep him quiet with just one catch for 28 yards through the first three quarters. After utilizing more blitzes and zone coverages in the fourth quarter and overtime, Johnson played a more prominent role registering five catches for 107 yards.

"The fourth quarter was a lot of blitzing. So, the fourth quarter, they were able to find the matchups they wanted amidst the blitzing. You could say, 'You should blitz more,' but we did that and it didn't help us in the end."