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Some Phillies tickets will be more expensive than others in 2013

The Philadelphia Phillies are installing a dynamic pricing plan that will raise prices for 10 games and lower prices for 10 others, while the price of season tickets will remain stable.

Drew Hallowell

The Philadelphia Phillies will be varying ticket prices from game to game in 2013, although the price of season tickets will remain the same.

It's the first time the Phillies will use a dynamic pricing plan, although 26 of the 30 teams in the MLB already do some sort of system shifting prices for games with higher and lower demand. While 61 games will have a base price, 10 games will have a more expensive price while 10 will have a less expensive price.

Many of the more expensive tickets come early in the season, and feature either teams in the American League -- such as two of the three games against the Boston Red Sox and the home opener against the Kansas City Royals -- or teams in the NL East. Meanwhile, the majority of the games with lower prices will be later in the season, such as two games in September against the Washington Nationals and a third against the Atlanta Braves. All the games with lower prices are weekday matchups.