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Temple vs Rutgers: Addazio looking forward to matchup with nearby rivals

Temple head coach Steve Addazio spoke on the important nature of playing a team from the area as the Owls take on the No. 15 Rutgers Scarlet Knights, a team he took time to praise as "really talented".

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

No. 15 Rutgers will only have to travel about an hour and a half from Piscataway to get to Philadelphia, and head coach Steve Addazio highlighted the regional nature of the game between the ranked Scarlet Knights and his Temple Owls.

Addazio, who said Rutgers comes from "down the street" in an interview with CSN Philly, spoke on the nature of playing Big East matchups against regional opponents.

"We all recruit the same people," Addazio said, adding that the team is coming off a game in Connecticut and heading to Pittsburgh next week. "These are all the areas. It's that four-hour, five-hour radius. So playing well is really, really important."

Addazio also praised the Scarlet Knights, who still have yet to lose a game on the season at 6-0.

"I'm the kind of guy, you can tell, I don't like to try to make something bigger or better than it is," Addazio said. "It's just, they're talented. They're good on offense, they're good on defense, and the most impressive thing to me is they're really good on special teams."

Whoever loses Saturday will drop their first Big East game, as the Owls are 2-0 in their return to the conference.

Here's video of Addazio speaking on Rutgers: