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NHL Set To Cancel November Schedule; 13 More Flyers Games To Be Erased

The NHL's descent into insanity continues as the league will announce the cancelation of the entirety of the November schedule today.

Jonathan Daniel

A day after Gary Bettman's deadline to reach a deal to save the regular season in its entirety and the NHL's subsequent pulling their latest offer off the table, the league will announce the cancelation of the full November schedule, as reported by and tweeted by Elliotte Friedman. All games through November 30th will be wiped off the slate, and December 1st would be the first possible date for NHL hockey in the 2012-13 season.

In its first two waves of cancelations, two two-week blocks up through November 1st were the first casualties. As expected and in conjunction with the league's ire at the NHLPA's non-acceptance of its October 16th proposal, today's section of games lost will be much more significant.

In addition to the nine contests already lopped off the calendar:

October 11 Boston Bruins @ FLYERS
October 13 FLYERS @ NY Islanders
October 18 Pittsburgh Penguins @ FLYERS
October 20 Winnipeg Jets @ FLYERS
October 25 FLYERS @ Montreal Canadiens
October 27 Toronto Maple Leafs @ FLYERS
October 28 FLYERS @ Buffalo Sabres
October 30 Dallas Stars @ FLYERS
November 1 New Jersey Devils @ FLYERS,

13 more Philadelphia Flyers games were cast aside in the wake of the league's latest descent into insanity:

November 3 Anaheim Ducks @ FLYERS
November 4 FLYERS @ NY Rangers
November 6 Buffalo Sabres @ FLYERS
November 8 FLYERS @ Carolina Hurricanes
November 10 Carolina Hurricanes @ FLYERS
November 13 Minnesota Wild @ FLYERS
November 16 FLYERS @ Buffalo Sabres
November 17 Buffalo Sabres @ FLYERS
November 21 Ottawa Senators @ FLYERS
November 23 Winnipeg Jets @ FLYERS
November 24 FLYERS @ NY Rangers
November 28 FLYERS @ Toronto Maple Leafs
November 29 FLYERS @ NY Islanders

Notable matches lost include two against the Atlantic Division rival New York Rangers, home-and-home sets with the Carolina Hurricanes and Buffalo Sabres -- as a matter of fact, three of the 13 November games were to be against Buffalo -- and the always popular home Black Friday game, which was to be played on the 22nd against Winnipeg this year.

Players remain locked out since midnight on September 15th. If by some miracle an accord can be reached at some point in the next few weeks, the first game for the Flyers would be December 1st against the Panthers in South Florida. The game was to be the fourth in what was a five-game road trip, which would take the Orange-and-Black to Tampa Bay to face the Lightning on December 4th before returning to the Wells Fargo Center for what will now be the home-opener against the San Jose Sharks.