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Temple vs Pitt: Owls backup QB Granger ready if called upon

Temple Owls backup quarterback Clinton granger is ready to take over at starting quarterback if his number is called.


Temple Owls backup quarterback Clinton Granger is prepared to take over as the team's starter if head coach Steve Addazio decides to make a change with Chris Coyer.

After pulling Coyer in the team's most recent loss to Rutgers last Saturday, Addazio has been allowing Granger to take more snaps with the first team offense. However, the coach has remained consistent that Coyer will keep his job as the starting quarterback. This has led to the opinion that while his job may be safe for now, Coyer is on a shorter leash than he previously has been.

In the Rutgers game, Coyer completed 7-of-14 pass attempts with one interception and two fumbles.

Coyer and Granger appear to have a good relationship as both players were complimentary of one another. While Granger supports Coyers, he made it clear that he wouldn't mind taking over a few of his snaps, via

There might not be a quarterback controversy at Temple but Granger freely admitted that "life as a backup is not very pleasing."