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Eagles DC Todd Bowles has no plans to 'remove the sink'

Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles explained his philosophy in taking control of the defense.


Philadelphia Eagles newly appointed defensive coordinator Todd Bowles stated in an interview with Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow of 94.1 WIP in Philadelphia that he has no plans to make drastic changes early on.

Speaking about the difficulty of coming into the position mid-season without the aid of training camp, Bowles correlated it to coming into a new home and ripping out the sink. His goal is to put his players in a position to make plays and help them stay technically sound. He understands that his job is to keep the defense consistent, via

"You're not going to come in here and remove the sink and put a new one in. We're sound and we are solid. You really want to make sure the guys play sound and fast and there's going to be chances for each guy to make a play and show their ability. You want to make sure you can do that without jeopardizing the whole entire defense."

After filling in as the interim head coach for the Miami Dolphins after the firing of Tony Sparano last season, Bowles is used to being promoted mid-season. When explaining the differences in his job, he stated that it's merely an expansion of his previous role with the addition of more paperwork.

In a general sense, Bowles expressed that his desire was to manage and maintain the defense, which he believes will allow his players to do their jobs.

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