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Ohio State vs. Penn State score update: 0-0 at end of 1st quarter

It's much ado about nothing in the first quarter as the Buckeyes have failed to move the ball against a stout Penn State defense

Kirk Irwin

An unstoppable force has met its immovable object. Ohio State has yet to move the ball on a rigid Penn State defense that came into this week ranked 13th in the nation in scoring defense with just 15.7 points allowed per game. The Buckeyes, who have averaged almost 250 yards per game on the ground, have been held to just 29 by the Nitanny Lions.

On the other side of the ball, Penn State has gained 38 total yards, and also like Ohio State punted the ball on its first three possessions.

The Buckeyes' quarterback Braxton Miller is 4-of-10 for 45 yards, and his Nitanny Lion counterpart Matthew McGloin is 3-of-5 for 25 yards.

Ohio State came into this game undefeated, with a 4-0 record in the Big Ten. Penn State is 5-2 overall, but is 3-0 in conference play after handling Iowa last Saturday.