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Eagles vs. Steelers score: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh scoreless after first quarter

Already through one quarter of action, the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers are still scoreless on Sunday afternoon. The Eagles nearly took the lead midway through the quarter, but Michael Vick's propensity to turn the ball over continues to plague the team's offense.

After leading the Eagles on a lengthy drive deep into the red zone, Vick took the ball up the middle looking for a score, but it was Pittsburgh that came away with the football in the end zone:


Earlier in the drive, Vick fumbled a ball that was recovered by the Steelers, but a review of the play determined that the quarterback was down before losing possession. The officials didn't turn over the quarterback's second fumble, though, giving Pittsburgh a touchback.

Avoiding turnovers has been a problem all year for Vick, as he's now fumbled seven times this season in addition to throwing six interceptions in just four-plus games. No player in the NFL has lost more fumbles than Vick's five.

Philadelphia continues to succeed in spite of its quarterback's turnover problems, but it may be difficult to sustain that all season. The Steelers are already close to making the Eagles pay for Vick's latest turnover as they begin the second quarter in Philadelphia territory.