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Eagles vs. Steelers score: Eagles trim deficit to 10-7 entering fourth quarter

The Philadelphia Eagles have cut the Pittsburgh Steelers' lead to 10-7 entering the fourth quarter on Sunday afternoon. Philadelphia was staring at a double-digit deficit going into halftime, but the Eagles have battled back to trim the lead to three points.

After fumbling twice in the first half, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has done a better job of protecting the ball in the second half, eventually leading Philadelphia to its first score. The Steelers gave Vick some help, though, committing a pair of personal foul penalties to effectively give the Eagles offense two first downs and 30 yards on their scoring drive.

Vick's overall numbers aren't great- 12-of-19 for 116 yards passing with one touchdown, only 16 yards rushing, plus the two fumbles- but the Eagles are once again in a position to win even as the Steelers near a possible score to begin the fourth quarter.

Vick will need to complete another fourth quarter comeback, but he's proven capable so far this season in spite of his numerous mistakes. The Eagles are 3-1 this season while the Steelers are 1-2, but Pittsburgh hasn't lost at home in 2012.