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Why I'm Done With the Eagles

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Devout fan @fakewipcaller on why the Eagles have finally pushed him too far

Oh, go away! Both of you!
Oh, go away! Both of you!
Dilip Vishwanat

Well, I made it through this week's disaster unscathed. But I still can't believe the Eagles lost at home after the bye.

Sure, we all had a bad feeling going into the Eagles game on Sunday. But once it was played, the game ended up being a debacle beyond any of our imaginations as the Eagles were thoroughly embarrassed and outclassed by the Atlanta Falcons. They looked awful on offense, defense, and special teams and worst of all, the team went the entire game without popping Asante Samuel one in the mouth. Disgraceful. And so I'm done.

Andy Reid's perfect record of never losing after the bye has always meant a lot to me, and all other Eagles fans. Much as Andy Reid has let us down over the years, at least we had that 13-year after-the-bye winning streak to fall back on. For all those years, no matter how bad things got, we could always count on that.

But now we can't. And so I'm done. I'm just done.

And I'm not alone. Even Angelo Cataldi - a man whose loyalty to the Eagles is normally unshakeable- vowed after Sunday's game that enough was enough.

Not only did Andy lead the Eagles to another bad loss, but after the game, adding insult to injury, he threw Lunchpail Philly Guy Nick Foles- a man who unquestionably Gets It- under the bus, keeping Michael Vick in the lineup for another week.

Then there's Jeffrey Lurie, an owner with the hubris to spend millions of dollars on wind turbines and solar panels, rather than on better players. How can fans stand for this?

To me the most upsetting thing about Hurricane Sandy was that it dominated the local news in the days after the game and gave the Eagles a pass. What does it say that the weather team on 6ABC has shown more of a nasty streak in the last week than the Eagles defense?

The standings say the Eagles are 3-4, but please- they're 0-7. And they won't have a win until Andy Reid is gone.

If you ask me, the worst part of all is that the fans were there for Andy in his time of need. Why isn't he there for us now?

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- On the firing of Juan Castillo, the last word goes to Marcus Hayes: "Castillo's shortcomings got Castillo fired... Castillo got Castillo fired . . . but he didn't need to be fired."

- Shame on Danny Watkins for refusing to speak to the media. I don't really want to hear anything he has to say, and I honestly wish he'd just shut up, but still, shame on him.

- There's a credible trade rumor out of New York: Curtis Granderson-for-Darin Ruf. Jump on it, Ruben!

- The Sixers' season started last night. I think they've got a really strong outside shot at the 10th seed in the East. Assuming Andrew Bynum is healthy, of course.

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