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Penn State vs. Nebraska 2012: Nittany Lions 'screwed' in loss

The Nittany Lions lost to the Cornhuskers with some unfortunate calls going against them.

Eric Francis

The Penn State Nittany Lions fell 32-23 to the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday at Memorial Stadium in a game that will be remembered by many for questionable officiating.

Penn State appeared to have a touchdown by Matt Lehman after video replay showed that Lehman had the ball in his hands when crossing the goal line. However, the officials ruled that a fumble had occured, awarding the ball to Nebraska and perhaps the game along with it.

Over at Black Shoe Diaries, Devon Edwards was beside himself after such a rough defeat:

But the fact of the matter is this: Penn State played well enough to win, and had victory snatched from them, not by a Cornhusker, but by a zebra. There will be time to analyze the offense and the defense, and Sam Ficken's rise to mediocrity later. For now, we will stew in our righteous anger, because maybe we can gain some catharsis from it.

The Nittany Lions certainly must take some of the blame for the loss, giving up 12 unanswered points in the fourth quarter after having a 20-6 halftime lead and a 23-20 lead going into the final quarter.

Nebraska was able to control the clock and run all over Penn State's defense, garnering 267 rushing yards and 438 total on the afternoon.