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NBA power rankings 2012: 76ers moving up in polls

The Philadelphia 76ers are on the rise in the majority of power ranking polls.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

The Philadelphia 76ers have made significant movement in the majority of power ranking polls thanks to an impressive showing in the second week of the season. After dropping consecutive games to the New York Knicks, the Sixers rattled off three consecutive road wins, which included a victory over the Boston Celtics.

At SB Nation's power poll curated by Seth Rosenthal, the team rose nine spots to No. 8 overall. Making mention of the team's sporadic offense, Rosenthal channels his inner-Doug Collins to analyze the state of the Sixers:

Doug Collins has no idea where his points are coming from on any given night (or at least I don't, and I'm pretty much Doug Collins), but he can be certain his team's going to defend and/or have funny haircuts.

At ESPN, Marc Stein also moved the team up nine positions from last week placing them at No. 9 overall. Making note of the team's offensive struggles, Stein expressed surprise at the team's ability to break out against the Celtics.

John Schuhmann at was the only curator to rank the Sixers outside of the top-10, placing them at No. 12 overall.