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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Eagles continue to slide in polls

The Philadelphia Eagles reamin in the bottom third of the league in the majority of power polls.

Patrick McDermott

The Philadelphia Eagles continue to drop in the majority of power ranking polls following Sunday's disappointing loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Despite holding a lead late in the third quarter, miscues led to a quick swing in the Cowboys favor, which resulted in a special teams touchdown and an interception for a tocuhdown.

Now sitting at 3-6 on the year, many believe that the season -- along with Andy Reid and Michael Vick's tenure in Philadelphia -- is over.

In SB Nation's poll curated by Joel Thorman, the Eagles dropped one spot to No. 19 overall. While Thorman usually provides some explanation for a team's placement, he kept his analysis brief this week in regards to the Eagles:

Shield your eyes.

Brian Billick at kept the Eagles at No. 22 and states that while Nick Foles performed well in replace of Vick, he still doesn't make the team any better. Pete Prisco at also placed the Eagles at No. 22 and plainly exclaimed that Reid and Vick are finished in Philadelphia. and both ranked the Eagles at No. 24 overall this week in their respective polls.