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Eagles have immediate chance to see Foles' long-term value writer Paul Domowitch says the Eagles finally get to see exactly what they have in third-round draft pick Nick Foles.


With Michael Vick down with a concussion in Week 11, the Philadelphia Eagles will trot out rookie quarterback Nick Foles for the first start of his young career. As The Philadelphia Inquirer's Paul Domowitch writes, this is the team's chance to see just what they have in the young signal-caller:

"You pick a quarterback with the first or second pick and you feel fairly certain you got a franchise guy. You pick one 88th and you're basically betting a hunch.

"The Eagles really need this shaggy-haired third-round hunch to come in. Michael Vick almost certainly won't be back next year. And if Foles, who will make his first NFL start Sunday against the Redskins, isn't the answer, well, that's one more pretty important thing they'll have to put on their fast-growing 2013 shopping list."

Eagles fans know Domowitch's stuff is must-read material is already, but be sure to click through to see some analysis of the 2013 crop of quarterbacks from Mel Kiper, Jr.