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Being a Philadelphia Fan is Exhausting

I have been exhausted over the past two months, and have developed very little patience for the nonsense we put up with as Philadelphia sports fans.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

I'm tired...i have been a father for seven weeks and the one thing I have learned; sleep is not a right, it is a privilege. Because of my lack of sleep, i have developed very little patience. I have become more critical than usual, making rants like the following not uncommon.

I'm tired of the NHL lockout, the Eagles defense and Josh Hamilton rumors. I'm tired of Andy Reid's mustache, Eric Lindros' grey sideburns, making me feel old, and Jimmy Rollins pop-ups. I'm tired of King Dunlap's lack of leverage, King Dunlap's foot speed and King Dunlap's first name.

I'm tired of Hunter Pence World Series celebration footage, the Phillies "Aces," bullpen and "four tool" prospects all under performing. I'm tired of Nick Foles hype, Michael Vick's decision making and Kwame Brown. I'm tired of Nick Young's hair, Andrew Bynum's hair, Spencer Hawes' hair, Spencer Hawes' headband, Spencer Hawes' wristbands, Spencer Hawes' mustache, Spencer Hawes' play after game one of the season...pretty much everything Spencer Hawes. *

I'm tired of the lack of leadership both on and off the field. I'm tired of young teams and quiet leaders. I'm tired of watching the Sixers, Eagles and Phillies play effortless games. I'm tired of those games going unpunished by veteran players. I'm tired of management not bringing in the veterans which could rectify this situation.

I'm tired of the egos. I'm tired of management thinking they are more important than the players, players thinking they are more important than the owners and coaches thinking they are more important than everyone.

I'm tired of injuries. I'm tired of Andrew Bynum's knee, Chris Pronger's concussion, The Eagles offensive line's legs, arms, and otherwise. I'm tired of Ryan Howard's achilles, Chase Utley's knee and Cliff Lee's oblique. I'm tired of Michael Vick's ribs, Placido Polanco's back and bowling alleys. But most of all...I'm tired of the lies.

I'm tired of owners hiding injuries and unethical business practices. I'm tired of fans being fed lies, so the ownership can profit. I'm tired of being treated like outsiders, when we are the ones investing in the organization. I'm tired of owners not admitting from the start, a certain player may be out for longer than expected. I'm tired of unexpected setbacks and pushed back timelines.

Although my daughter is hindering my sleep, Philadelphia's professional sports franchises are making me tired.

*Editors Note: I think my anger for Spencer Hawes stems from jealousy. Spencer Hawes is very similar to me. Similar body, similar height and similar game. He even seems to have the same weird tendencies I had during my playing days such as unique hair styles and a mustache. If I were his teammate I think a great friendship could have developed like I experienced with past like-minded individuals. Instead, he is making millions and I am writing articles. Damn you knees!