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Andy Reid: Some Final Thoughts

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As the clock ticks down on the Andy Era, @FakeWIPCaller weighs the legacy of Coach Reid

Read my lips: You're fired
Read my lips: You're fired
Ronald Martinez

As Andy Reid's Eagles coaching tenure enters its sad final days, many questions have been raised among the Eagles' faithful. Such as, "Can it get any worse?," "Where's rock bottom," and "How can Jeffrey Lurie sleep at night?"

But the biggest question of all is about Andy's legacy in Philadelphia. The national media has been busy telling us for weeks -especially announcers during the entire fourth quarter of every game- that Andy Reid is the best coach in Eagles history. But they're wrong. I say Andy is not the best coach in Eagles history, but rather the worst.

Think about it. Has any Eagles coach broken our hearts more? Frustrated us or driven us more crazy? Say what you will about Joe Kuharich, but at least he ran the ball once in awhile.

How many NFC championship games did Marion Campbell lose? Four fewer than Andy Reid.

Did Buddy Ryan lose any Super Bowls? Did Rich Kotite? Ray Rhodes? No they did not. But Andy did. And yes, Dick Vermeil lost one too. But that doesn't count, because we love Dick Vermeil. All you really need to know about either man is that Vermeil's the one who brought in Vince Papale, while Reid gave us Donovan McNabb.

Andy Reid is often called the winningest coach in Eagles history. And while, on paper, that's true, we all know it's really Buddy Ryan.

Other Philly sports takes:

- I never could stand Jason Babin and I won't miss him. But shame on the Eagles for making him the scapegoat, along with Juan Castillo and various mid-level front-office employees. At any rate, I hope the Eagles-to-Jaguars transition goes as smoothly for Babin as it did for Hugh Douglas.

- Possible 2013 Eagles starting quarterbacks, in order of likelihood: Alex Smith, Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley, Tim Tebow, Michael Vick.

- Honey Badger's going in the draft? I'd absolutely take him over either Nnamdi or DRC.

- is clearly so vested in protecting the Eagles and deflecting attention from their losing streak that on the morning after last week's game, they put a picture of a naked lady on their website.

- I'm pretty steamed that the Phils wouldn't pony up for B.J. Upton. But they can make up for it, by offering Josh Hamilton whatever he wants.

- Thoughts on Chooch's suspension: I'm generally opposed to the use of supplements in baseball- unless it's the Phillies, and it's an important stretch of the season. Therefore, I'm more upset that other people on the team weren't taking Adderall as well. Like J-Roll couldn't have used some.

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