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Pick a QB: Michael Vick or Tony Romo?

CSN Philly columnnist John Gonzalez asks an interesting question: would you rather have Michael Vick or Tony Romo?

John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

Both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys are heading into Sunday's game facing heavy criticism from their fan bases. The two teams quarterbacks, Michael Vick and Tony Romo, are two of the most criticized players on either team, prompting CSN Philly columnist John Gonzalez to ask an interesting question: which player would you rather have?

Gonzalez points out that the two teams share some similarities, writing:

Both teams are 3-5. Both have underachieved. And both employ struggling quarterbacks that have been heavily criticized.

Both quarterbacks have struggled with turnovers this season. Vick has tossed nine interceptions this year, while Romo has thrown 13. Vick has coughed up two fumbles, while Romo has coughed up four. That means the two quarterbacks have 28 turnovers between the two with half a season left to play.

Each quarterback desperately needs a win on Sunday. Many Philadelphia fans want to replace Vick with Nick Foles, while Romo is playing for his job next season. Only one quarterback, however, will be able to temporarily silence his critics with a victory.