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2012 Big Ten Championship game, Nebraska vs. Wisconsin: Preview and TV schedule

Wisconsin, technically the third-place team in the Leaders Division behind bowl-banned Ohio State and Penn State, will take on Nebraska in the Big Ten Championship Game Saturday.


The Wisconsin Badgers are playing the No. 12 Nebraska Cornhuskers for the Big Ten championship Saturday night and a spot in the Rose Bowl. This is significant for two reasons: one, the aforementioned Rose Bowl. And two, the Wisconsin Badgers are in third place in the Leaders Division.

The first place team, 12-0 Ohio State, is banned from bowl competition because its players were paid in tattoos or something like three years ago. The second-place team is 8-4 Penn State, banned from bowl competition for far more serious reasons.

So that leaves 7-5 — I repeat, 7-5 — Wisconsin, who went a whopping .500 in Big Ten play, in the Big Ten Championship Game, one win away from playing Stanford in the Rose Bowl. Nebraska, on the other hand, won its division, although the Legends Division sported a pretty weak field this year.

The game will be broadcast at 8 p.m. ET nationally on FOX.