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Bengals vs. Eagles, Week 15: Eagles suffer embarassing loss

Five turnovers in the game, including a punt that drilled a blocker in the hind parts, made for a long night at Lincoln Financial Field.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It was a particularly painful Thursday night if your football allegiances lie with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles not only notched up their 10th loss of the season, they fumbled three times in the third quarter alone and racked up five turnovers on the evening.

The 34-13 loss at Lincoln Financial Field was made even more crushing when Eagles punter Mat McBriar hit one of his own blockers, Marvin McNutt, with the ball as it came off his foot as the Eagles, in essence, blocked their own punt.

There weren't many positives to take from this game and the guys over at Bleeding Green Nation didn't really try to sugar coat anything.

Bottom line from this one is that if you were one of the people worried that Andy Reid might actually be back or that the Eagles might screw up a top 5 draft pick... Worry no more.

The Eagles still have two games to go before closing out what has been a dreadful 2012 campaign. They'll host the Washington Redskins a week from Sunday before going on the road to face the New York Giants to finish the season.