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Temple AD Billy Bradshaw discusses aftermath of Big East split

With the Big East conference split, Temple AD Bill Bradshaw talks about what Temple will need to do to survive the aftermath.

Chris Chambers

With the Big East conference break up, several schools are vulnerable and left searching for answers going forward, including the Temple Owls. Athletic director Bill Bradshaw talked about the realities of the aftermath and Temple's plan going forward with's Mike Jensen.

Bradshaw knows this is not a good situation for anyone and will mean less money for the Temple programs. But Bradshaw refers to Temple's resilience, stating, "we're pretty good at getting back up."

As noted in the article, Temple will miss out on the games against Georgetown and their trips to Madison Square Garden for games against St. John's University. Bradshaw, however, isn't worried about that, saying he has no problem scheduling non-conference games to beef up the competition.

"We've not had a problem scheduling games and slugging it out with top teams in the country," Bradshaw said over the phone. "That will always work. If we're in a league where the competition isn't quite as strong, we can schedule up with nonconference games. I have no doubts we'll be fine there."

The fact remains this isn't a situation Temple wants to be in, but the school will remain committed to their conference while the other factors are out of their control.