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Fire Andy Reid Before It's Too Late!

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The world could end before the next Eagles game. @FakeWIPcaller says it's time to act now

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The assumption among most Eagles fans and NFL observers is that the final two games of this season will be the last of Andy Reid's career with the Eagles, that this Sunday's game against Washington is his final home game and that he'll be fired on the Monday morning after the season ends.

That, I'm afraid is not good enough. The Eagles must fire Andy Reid, today.

Why today? Because there's a chance, albeit a small one, that the world could end on Friday. And Mayan apocalypse or no Mayan apocalypse, the worst thing about the sudden negation of all existence would definitely be that the world ended with Andy Reid still coaching the Eagles. I don't think Jeffrey Lurie wants that on his conscience.

The more you think about it, it's really a no-brainer. Even if the world doesn't end- no awful post game press conference after the game. No excruciating coach's show on Monday. Sounds good, right?

I mean, maybe the Mayans were right. After all, they never blew a Super Bowl. They never got rid of Brian Dawkins. And they certainly never signed a dog killer to play quarterback.

Firing Andy today would also relieve every Eagles fan of a huge moral dilemma for Andy's final home game: Boo him, or react with total indifference. Brian Startare suggested the other night that we start a "Thank you Andy" chant, which I'm all for provided we change the "thank" to a different word.

So fire Andy today, Jeffrey Lurie. Because if there's a cataclysmic event that throws the world into a fire-plunged hellscape, it won't be all that different from being an Eagles fan the last 14 years.

Other Philly sports takes:

- That Eagle was a fraud? Yea, I know the feeling.

- Why is Eskin hosting the morning show? My commute to work just isn't the same without the sounds of Angelo, Rhea, and people eating hundreds of chicken wings live on the air.

- Mike Trout was in town last week and attended the Eagles game. Shame on the Phillies for letting him leave town without signing a contract. And I don't want to hear about "he's under contract for six more years" and "the Phillies can't sign him." For teams that are real winners, the word "can't" isn't in their vocabulary. Wake up, Ruben.

- As for other outfield options… I don't have a good feeling about Cody Ross. He just strikes me as the kind of guy who'd come to town, sign his contract, and then order a cheesesteak with all the wrong toppings on it.

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