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NBA standings 2012: Sixers in fourth place in the Atlantic Division

The Philadelphia 76ers currently sit in fourth place in the Atlantic Divison, and in ninth place in Eastern Conference.


The Philadelphia 76ers are 14-15 on the season, which places them seven games behind the Atlantic Division leading New York Knicks, who are 21-8 on the season. The Boston Celtics (14-13) and the Brooklyn Nets (14-14) are in second and third place in the division, with the Toronto Raptors (9-20) in last place. Philadelphia is 4-4 on the season against their division rivals, playing the second most Atlantic Division games so far this season behind the Nets.

The Miami Heat currently lead the Eastern Conference at 20-6, with the Knicks sitting a few percentage points behind the Heat. The Atlanta Hawks (17-9) are 2 ½ games behind the Heat for third place in the East, with the Indiana Pacers (16-12) two games behind the Hawks in fourth place. The Milwaukee Bucks and the Chicago Bulls are tied at 15-12 for fifth place in the East, with Brooklyn and Boston rounding out the top eight.

The 76ers sit on the cusp of playoff contention in ninth place in the East, with the Orlando Magic (12-16) trailing Philadelphia in 10th.