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Temple football hires new offensive coordinator

Just a few weeks after arriving in Philadelphia, new Temple head coach Matt Rhule has named Nick Rolovich as his offensive coordinator. Rolovich comes to Temple from Nevada, where he directed college football's No. 4 ranked offense in 2012.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Multiple outlets, including CSN Philly, are reporting that new Temple head coach Matt Rhule has named his first offensive coordinator at the school. That man is Nick Rolovich, who directed college football's No. 4 ranked offense at Nevada in 2012, and previously worked at Hawaii.

The news was first reported by, while CSN Philly's Nick Menta later added some detailed context to the hire. Here is what Menta had to say about Rolovich's diverse offensive background and what he will bring to Temple:

Introduced as Temple's new head coach at a press conference on Dec. 19, Rhule said he wanted his offense to be as multiple as possible, and promised a greater commitment to passing the football than was previously seen under his predecessor, Steve Addazio.

For his part, Rolovich comes from a Run and Shoot background at Hawaii, while his boss at Nevada, Ault, is the man responsible for the creation of the Pistol offense. Both offenses contain elements of the spread. Specifically, the Run and Shoot is predicated on wide receiver hot routes and pre-snap motion, while the Pistol is a modified shotgun featuring a heavy amount of read-option plays aimed at keeping defenses off-balance.