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Kate Upton Is On The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

It's that wonderful time of year again.... The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is out and the ridiculously gorgeous 19 year old Florida native Kate Upton is on the cover.


But of course, that's not all. SI has also continued their tradition of famous female athletes in body paint bikinis as well. Most notably is US women's national soccer team member Alex Morgan. And actually, if you get the issue on a tablet or smart phone, you'll be able to see 360 view pictures of the bodypainted athletes. So... yay for technology! LPGA’s Natalie Gulbis and U.S. swimmer and 11-time US Olympic medal winner Natalie Coughlin also get the body paint treatment. You can see a 2D picture of Alex Morgan after the jump. See more of Kate Upton here and more of Alex Morgan in nothing but paint right here.


Alex Morgan/Body Paint

Photograph by Stewart Shining

Grab the issues on newsstands everywhere.