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St. Joe's Vs. Richmond: Hawks Lose Heartbreaker, 52-49

Carl Jones’ fired a desperation three-pointer as the buzzer sounded, but the potential game-tying shot did not hit its intended target, ending St. Joe’s three-game win streak and throwing cold water on their tournament hopes in a 52-49 loss to Richmond on Wednesday night.

The Red Hawks needed a win to stay on the bubble. Even a win against Temple on Saturday would do nothing for their tournament hopes which can now only be achieved by winning the Atlantic 10 tournament, which starts March 6.

Fans felt Jones was fouled as he attempted his second bout of heroics, but they left disappointed. Jones’ tied the game late on a three-point shot with 32 seconds to play, but C.J. Aiken fouled Derrick Williams with four seconds on the clock. Williams hit his first shot for the lead, but missed his second. Darien Brothers sunk two free throws as the Hawks tried to get the ball back.

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