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Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: John Stamos Loves Greek Yogurt

A recent Nielsen study showed that last year, more women watched the Super Bowl than men. So not surprisingly, advertisers are starting to target the ladies with Super Bowl ads. Take this Dannon Greek yogurt ad for instance. First off, its awful. It's every Super Bowl ad trope you can imagine with the small twist being that it's kind of a gender role reversal. Think of it as a beer commercial, except it's targeted at ladies, has yogurt instead of beer and John Stamos instead of a "hot chick." He is the hot chick basically...

He's innocently teasing his lady friend by withholding a spoonful of greek yogurt from her... and then the slapstick comes in. She headbutts him and takes the yogurt for herself. So original.. so exciting!

For more Super Bowl commercials with celebs being knocked around slapstick style, see most every Snickers ad from the last couple years.

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