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Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: Downy Recreates Mean Joe Greene Ad... Again

The Mean Joe Greene Super Bowl ad for Coke is arguably the most famous big game ad of all time. It's certainly seen as the quintessential Super Bowl ad. This is probably why it's ripped off or referenced several times. Most recently, Coke themselves re-did the ad with Troy Polamalu taking Joe Greene's place. Point is, this has been done and done and done...

That didn't stop Downy from dredging it up one more time. They've got Amy Sedaris in the role of the little boy and managed to get Mean Joe Greene himself to play the role of.. Mean Joe Greene. In the original he gives the kid his jersey... In this one, you've got Sedars hawking a Downy cleaning product of some kind, a dirty football jersey... I'm sure you can guess how it goes from there.

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