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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Pepsi Revives Cheating Coke Driver Ad

It seems to be a theme this year for advertisers to harken back to successful ads of the past. We've already reviewed the Mean Joe Greene redux and now we've got Pepsi reviving a famous spot of their own. In 1996, they ran a spot featuring a Coke delivery guy being "caught" on camera buying Pepsi. This time around, it's a Coke Zero delivery guy at a store buying Pepsi Max, which somehow makes it just a little more lame.

It's got a celebrity cameo at the end too, so it's got all of the Super Bowl Ad tropes you'd expect. We get the joke here and it's not awful, but this is something we've already seen, literally.... Except this time it's zero calories!

Boo on this Pepsi. Overall, it's been a pretty bad Super Bowl spot year for Pepsi... Their Elton John commercial is even worse.

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