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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Toyota Reinvents Everything

Toyota is promoting it's new "reinvented" Toyota Camry with this Super Bowl ad in which they "reinvent" everything. We never hear exactly what it is about the Camry that's been reinvented, but then again we don't really care, so that's a good thing. We do however, hear how they've reinvented the couch by making it out of ladies in bikinis, reinvented the blender by making it play Lionel Ritchie songs and reinvented drapes by making them out of pizza.

Without giving it all away, they remake a lot more. I like it. It's funny, tells you virtually nothing about the product being sold, has half naked ladies and half naked dudes... Basically everything that you want out of a big game ad. Car companies are definitely stepping it up this year. Toyota, Acura, Audi & Chevy all have strong ads this time around.

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