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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Honda's Ferris Bueller Ad Is... Ok

When I first saw the teaser for this Honda CRV ad featuring Matthew Broderick reprising his role as Ferris Bueller... I was pumped. For one because I loved the movie as a kid and because it looked like one of those big, only could exist for the Super Bowl kind of ads. People were definitely interested as evidenced by the 11.5 million views the ad has gotten on Youtube already.

The problem is, it's just not as funny as we want it to be. It hits a lot of the cues you'd expect in a Ferris Bueller themed spot and it's not like it's bad... The problem is that just doesn't quite meet the high expectations that came with the teaser. I was hoping for something epic, something that would vie for the contender of the best spot of the game and it's just not that. It's ok.

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