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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Danica Patrick Go Daddy Ad Is More Of The Same

Go Daddy essentially put themselves on the map with their racy Super Bowl ad in 2005. They had a girl testifying before congress whose top started to fall off but... wait! The rest was too sexy for TV and you had to go to their website to see the rest! Since then, they've essentially ran a version of that same ad every year, except with race car driver Danica Patrick as the star. By the way, today will mark the record 10th Super Bowl commercial that Danica Patrick has starred in.

This year will be pretty much no different. Their ad stars Patrick and Jillian Michaels putting body paint on the ridiculously sexy Colombian model Natalia Velez. The implication is that she's naked and just as the two girls pull back to admire their work... too hot for TV! Must go to their website to see more unrated action! Spoiler alert, you will not be seeing Natalia Velez nude if you go to their website.

Anyway, here it is.

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