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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Chevy's Happy Grad Spot Is A Winner

Chevy took a page from the Doritos playbook for their second Super Bowl ad and much like the Doritos spots... it was pretty awesome. A new grad is blindfolded and his parents have bought him a mini fridge for college. However, behind the mini fridge is the neighbor's new Chevy Camaro, which the grad thinks is his actual present. Hilarity ensues...He freaks out, calls his friends, tells his g/f... All without realizing that the car is not his. At the end, the neighbor drives off and the happy grad thinks his car has been stolen.

The spot was done by a guy named Zack Borst, who entered it into Chevrolet's Route66 competition. Borst beat out hundreds of submissions from filmmakers in 32 countries to win the right to have his spot shown to over 100 million people watching the Super Bowl.

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