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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Still Have No Idea What Bud Light Platinum Is

The ad for Bud Light Platinum not only wasn't interesting, it's hard to even tell what it is. The ad plays it up as if it's some sort of futuristic invention. They refer to it as having "top shelf taste" at one point. Was a "top shelf" Bud Light something people clamoring for? This is very reminiscent of Budweiser Select, which was supposed to be a top shelf version of Bud, but no one could really tell the difference...

Bud Light Platinum is "triple filtered" according to the ad, but I'm not exactly sure what that means. If they make a Bud Light Diamond will it be quadruple filtered? The ad also says "they say you can't mix business with pleasure" and show a guy in his office. So can you drink this at work? Maybe we'll get some answers next or.. or we'll get another pointless Anheuser Busch product.

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