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NASCAR At Las Vegas Nationwide Series: Danica Patrick Remembers Dan Wheldon

The last time Danica Patrick raced at Las Vegas International, she was in the IndyCar series. That day would go down as one of the most tragic in motorsports history as former Indy 500 champion Dan Wheldon was killed in a gruesome 15 car crash.

Patrick says there won’t be a time that she races at Las Vegas and isn’t reminded of him.

“There won’t be a time that I come to Las Vegas that I won’t think about Dan, and I won’t think about the family and hope that they’re doing well,” Patrick said. “It’s in the moments where you don’t have a singular focus, like walking up to the media center here [Friday], seeing the neon garage, and kind of the atmosphere that was here on that weekend and where we were pitted — the things that we were around and the sights that you saw where you can have time to think about multiple things — that it gets to you.”

Danica will be in action this afternoon at 5pm on ESPN2 in the Sam’s Town 300.