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Freddie Mitchell Is In Jail

Former Eagles WR Freddie Mitchell has landed himself in prison, but not for the tax fraud scheme he was caught up in last month. While that charge is still hanging over him, he’s in jail now for failure to pay child support in Indiana.


While being held in an Orange County jail, Mitchell was arraigned on federal charges stemming from his role in a scheme that was intended to defraud pro athletes.


The scheme was cooked up by two tax preparers who hired Mitchell to recruit former athletes that he knew. The idea was that the athletes would hire this firm to do their taxes and then the firm, without the athletes’ knowledge, would file false returns and keep the refunds for themselves.


Mitchell was more known for his mouth than anything he ever did on the field. However, he did make one of the most famous catches in Eagles history when they converted a 4th & 26 against the Packers in 2003 playoffs.