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Ryan Madson Needs Tommy John Surgery, Out For Season

The Phillies really seemed to dodge a bullet with this one. Ryan Madson showed up to Reds camp this season with a little bit of elbow soreness, expecting that he’d work through it and it would go away.


It didn’t… So the team doctors had a look at it and their worst fears were confirmed. He had torn a ligament and needs season ending Tommy John surgery. After signing a 1 year, $8.5 million deal, he will not throw a single pitch for the Reds this season. Even worse for Cincy, they didn’t take out insurance on the contract, so they’ll be eating the full $8.5 million and getting absolutely nothing for it.


It really seems as though its more luck than anything for the Phils, who reportedly had a 4 year, $44 million deal on the table for Madson, who elected to pass on it. The former Phils closer did pass a physical with the Reds, so presumably he would have done the same here.


Unable to get a deal done with Madson, the Phillies turned around and gave Jonathon Papelbon a $50 million deal.