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Drexel To Renovate Daskalakis Athletic Center Following Donation

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Drexel's home basketball court is set to undergo renovations this summer.


The Daskalakis Athletic Center – home of the men's and women's basketball teams at Drexel University – will undergo renovations following a three million dollar donation from John Daskalakis.

Daskalakis, a Drexel alum and former standout on the lacrosse field, donated $3 million for renovations of the athletic center that already bears his name.


The building also hosts a list of other events, including Drexel wrestling, swimming and diving and the 2012 Men's and Women's U.S. Squash Open. As part of the renovations to the DAC, new locker-rooms for the basketball teams are planned, as well as improved arena seating and the completion of an athletics hall of fame.

Daskalakis' donation may just be the beginning for Drexel.

The gift from Daskalakis is the start of Drexel's "I am a Dragon" campaign. This campaign will help Drexel Athletics renovate, improve and build facilities which will help raise the prominence of its teams. With these goals in mind, the department has a goal of generating $15 million in donations.

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