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Big Ten Basketball Tournament 2012: Tim Frazier Leads Optimistic Penn State Nittany Lions

Entering the Big Ten basketball tournament as the conference's final seed, the Penn State Nittany Lions are not expected to dish out much damage. They understand that. But after advancing to last season's title game, the Nittany Lions also know magic is attainable.

"What we learned last year is anything can happen. No one thought we could make that run," Tim Frazier said Monday. "Everybody has equal opportunity." (via Associated Press)

Frazier took huge strides this season as a junior, nearly triple his scoring average from 6.3 points to 18.6 points. And if Penn State is capable of another run like last year's, it will likely be due to Frazier's play.

"His growth has been incredible this year both on and off the floor," coach Patrick Chambers said of the high-scoring guard. "I think you see a scorer now and he's made his teammates better. He's made Jermaine Marshall better because there are five guys on Tim Frazier. He's getting open shots now." (via Associated Press)

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