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Masters Leaderboard 2012: Tiger Woods Begins Friday At Even Par

Tiger Woods had an up and down start to his 2012 Masters and finished day one at even par tied for 29th. He was critical of his performance afterward.

"I hit some of the worst golf swings I've ever hit today, and that's all right," said Tiger. "I just hung in there and grinded my way around the golf course and stayed very patient, stayed in the moment. Unfortunately that was about as good as I got right there. I could have shot one, maybe two better, but that was‑‑ I got a lot out of that round."

Things could have ended much worse after Tiger hit into the Woods and had to take a drop on 18. But he was able to limit the damage to a bogey.

"Yeah, it was another bad tee shot left, and I got it to‑‑ it was a tricky little drop there, and I somehow got a swing at it, and then from there the pitch was not easy. I didn't have a good enough lie to go up top, so I had to take it down, had to burn it into the hill, and it came out perfect."

Overall though, Woods says he just never right from the start but he's looking forward to today.

"I didn't warm up well. I hit a few loose ones, but I said just stay committed. Whatever happens, just stay committed on each and every shot. I did that. I really stayed committed to what I was doing. I made some bad swings. That's fine. My commitment to each and every shot, what I was doing, my alignment, my setup, everything was something that I'm excited about and I can take some positives going into tomorrow about that. Granted, it might be late tomorrow, but at least I have something to build on."

Tiger will get the second round underway today at 1:42pm in the second to last pairing.